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Timber... and what makes us different.
The O-WIN system uses only Hydromax gatebox controllers and cylinders. This guarantees absolute accuracy of the selected rate every time the gate opens. 

We employ only seasoned pilots proven to be proficient in timber applications. Our pilots are trained to understand and comply with the customer’s request.

We communicate daily with the customer to communicate progress of the contract. Our customers can even track the progress of the application in real time from a computer or smart phone.

1. Mapping Services

      a. Aerlal photography

      b. RBG and NIR imagery that measures Leaf Area Index for site 

          specific rates and application

      c. As Applied Verification Maps 

2. Dry Fertilizers

           - N/P/K and other blended applications

3. Eradication

      a. Insecticides

      b. Herbicides (applied by helicopter) for site preparation of new 

          growth areas.

      c.  Fungicides

4. Seeding / Hydromulch providing revegetation of large areas after a 

    fire which rapidly and effectively reduces erosion and suppresses 

    growth of invasive plant species.

"Regardless of the application method, uniformity and rate control are important. Unequal distribution of fertilizers may contribute to irregular growth patterns."   

Source: Eric J. Jokela, Professor of Silviculture and Forest Nutrition, School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida, NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT OF SOUTHERN PINES
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