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Liquid or Dry Aerial Application 
Seed more acres in less time, even when ground equipment cannot be used.
At Lesco Aviation, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are a half-day travel time from clients anywhere in our service area. We offer both liquid and dry application of product and can quickly switch from one to the other with ease.

We provide a variety of services including:  (click on your area of interest)
​Aerial application can cover large areas with uniform distribution, rates based on the plants’ needs and regardless of terrain. Lesco Aviation is the exclusive provider of the O-Win Program and its many advantages in the timber industry.
​Aerial spraying of large areas is highly effective at controlling West Nile virus.  And when spraying for pest control large areas are quickly treated, even when ground equipment is not possible.
"Aerially-applied fire retardant reduces wildfire intensity and rate of spread, decreasing risks to firefighters, enabling them to construct fireline safely. In many situations, the use of retardant in concert with firefighters on the ground allows the Forest Service to safely meet its responsibilities to protect landscapes, resources, and people."  Source: U.S. Forest Service

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Rice, Corn, Beans, Cereal Grains, Cotton, Pasture lands, etc..  Aerial application of pesticides, fertilizers or other crop care products to add nutrients to the soil, control insects, weeds and diseases. 
Mapping Services:

We offer mapping services that include aerial photography using visible and an array of other special sensors as well as the satellite mapping capabilities of UIC’s LandViewer service (www.landviewer.uic.edu). Unique packages of services can be assembled to help pinpoint and continually monitor your management area challenges.