Lesco Aviation
Mapping Services
​Lesco Aviation offers the following imagery services:

Aerial Mapping

         a.RGB (Red, Green, Blue) visible light maps.

         b.NIR (Near Infrared Reflectance) maps.

         c.NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) - Leaf 
                    Area Index (LAI) overlay maps.

         d.       As Applied Verification Maps.
Comparison of Vondran precision gate controller (in green) vs. Competitors (in purple).
Confirmation of Fungicide Application Effectiveness
• Satellite Mapping

         a. Lesco Aviation is pleased to partner with The University of Illinois LandViewer to exclusively provide our clients with the latest
              satellite weather and crop condition maps. 

         b. See http://www.landviewer.uic.edu/index.html
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