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Fire Suppression
Fire Suppression Services:

1. Mapping Services
      a.  Aerial Photography for Avoidance Area Mapping
      b.  Assessment Mapping
      c.  Monitoring for reoccurrence
2. Aerial Application
      a.  Water or other wildland fire chemical suppressants for direct
           attack or less toxic approved fire retardants in areas occupied
           by TEPCS species or their designated critical habitats.      
      b.  Careful attention to Avoidance Areas.
      c.  Preventative applications
3. Post-Fire Aerial Application of Herbicide
      a.  Interrupts the grass-fire cycle that is perpetuated by invasive
           annual grasses.
4.  Aerial Hydromulching and revegetation of large areas after a fire rapidly and effectively reduces erosion and suppresses growth of invasive plant species.
O-WIN Advantages:

1. Precision Application by using advanced technologies such as         GPS/GIS, onboard weather monitoring, and sophisticated navigation     equipment. 

2. Coverage area can be reached regardless of terrain.

3. Dedicated Aircraft with dispersal equipment   specifically designed and built for aerial firefighting.

4. As Applied Verification Maps (on a real-time basis)

5. Strategically staged locations to minimize response time.
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"Aerially-applied fire retardant reduces wildfire intensity and rate of spread, decreasing risks to firefighters, enabling them to construct fireline safely. In many situations, the use of retardant in concert with firefighters on the ground allows the Forest Service to safely meet its responsibilities to protect landscapes, resources, and people."  

Source: U.S. Forest Service​