Lesco Aviation
Agriculture Row Crops
Farm Crop Services:

1. Mapping Services
      a. Aerial photography (RGB and NIR)
      b. NDVI Leaf Area Index overlay maps
      c. As Applied Verification Maps 

2. Dry & Liquid Fertilizers
      a. Rapid interchange between liquid and dry application
      b. Top-dress N/P/K and other fertilizer blends

3. Pesticide Application
       a. Insecticides
       b. Herbicides Including Spring and Fall Burn-Down Applications
       c. Fungicides

4. Aerial Seeding of Soybeans, Wheat, Rye, and other Cover Crops 
O-WIN Advantages:

1. Precision Application
2. Uniform Coverage
3. Can be used while existing crops are in the field
4. No Compaction
5. Regardless of terrain or field condition
6. As Applied Verification Maps (on a real-time basis)
7. Time sensitive
      a. Coverage of large areas faster than ground applications
      b. Near-by regional locations minimize response time
8. Eliminates the transfer of weeds, diseases or pests between areas.
      a. Does not spread fungal spores.
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"Aerial application is often the most efficient and most economical way to apply crop protection products, fertilizer and even seed to grow and protect crops such as corn, soybeans and wheat. Aircraft can treat fields when the soil moisture is too great for the operation of ground application equipment and can also apply necessary crop protection products when the crop canopies become too tall or are too thick for ground application equipment. When pests or diseases threaten a crop, time of application becomes critical. An airplane or helicopter can accomplish more in one hour than ground equipment can in a single day."

  Source: Illinois Department of Agriculture - Aerial Pesticide Application Q & A