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Cover Crops
Cover Crop Benefits:

1. Reduce soil erosion

2. Increase nutrient recycling by decreasing soils and nutrients       entering lakes and waterways

3. Other Beneficial Effects
     a. Improves soil quality
     b. Facilitates pest management
     c. Maximizes fertility management
     d. Enhances water availability
     e. Encourages landscape diversification
     f.  Provides wildlife habitat

O-WIN Advantages:

1. Precision application
2. Guaranteed uniform coverage 
3. Optimum timing of application - while existing crops are in the
4. Zero compaction
5. Application possible regardless of terrain or field conditions
6. As Applied Verification Maps
7. Coverage is faster than ground applications
8. Response time is minimal 
9. Eliminates the transfer of weeds, diseases, pests, or spread   
    of fungal spores.
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"A big advantage of aerial seeding of cover crops is that more acres can be seeded in less time than with ground equipment. Aerial application also allows seeding to be done when it is physically impossible to use ground equipment, such as when crops are present, or the soil is too wet for regular equipment. Seeding, germination, and growth of cover crops can begin even before the existing crop has been harvested. This is especially important in areas where there is a very small window of opportunity between crop harvest and the end of the growing season."  

Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture - Natural Resources Conservation Service
Reloading dry product and refueling in less than two minutes means covering more acres in a day. We work like every second counts, because it does.