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How we are different... We treat every acre like it's our own crop. We understand farming because we grew up farming.

From a pilot's heritage handed down from father and brother combined with a lifelong love of farming, Rex A. Lester, founder of Lesco Aviation, understood early on that the single rate applications were helping some areas while potentially hurting others. This method sometimes resulted in a tremendous waste of product. With a clear vision of what farmers needed based on a lifetime of farming and flying, Rex began to work closely with the manufacturers of various technologies to accurately map, analyze, and dispense products, by air, at the needed rates.

"Only What Is Needed" is born.

As Rex's expertise in the use of these technologies grew, he realized that the equipment must quickly and accurately communicate to be effective in achieving his goals. The overall system must be able to accurately deliver Only What Is Needed to each crop management area. Through this work, the O-WIN system was developed and utilized by Lesco Aviation in all of its operations.

The most expensive race car is just another car, until the right driver gets behind the wheel.The same is true with the wide range of technology available for modern agricultural applications. Global Positioning Systems, Near Infrared Reflectance, Leaf Area Index measurements and ground based variable rate dispensing equipment have become common day technologies. But success and savings are maximized only if these technologies are correctly utilized together to dispense only what is needed in each individual crop management zone with unparalleled accuracy . We are now providing these products packaged to our customers as a turn key aerial service that provides results... results that translate into additional profits for our customers. 

We don't sell pretty maps... we provide results.   

Within a 4 hour flight of all areas we serve.

Today, Lesco Aviation, with clients from the Canadian border to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, has a growing network of farmers, retail outlets, and other operators that are experiencing the value of having multiple 800 gallon airplanes only hours away. When our customers call, they know their crops or their customers crops have just been put on the fast track to the needed application. "It's a small world at 200 mph."
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Only What Is Needed. 

Only When It's Needed. 

Only Where It's Needed.
Application maps showing treatment areas of a constant rate fertilize application. Our system is shown in green. The other guys in purple. Now, zoom in to see the accuracy of our systems product placement... ONLY WHAT IS NEEDED... ONLY WHERE IT'S NEEDED!